Decentralized Credit Markets

Permissionless lending and borrowing for any onchain asset!

Lend any ERC-20 against any NFT/RWA—on your own terms.

Lending and borrowing, done right.

Magnify Cash makes lending and borrowing easy and secure with Decentralized Credit Markets (DCMs).


We never hold your funds.


Say goodbye to governance proposals and asset whitelisting.


Own the keys to your lending desk.

Unleash the power of your assets

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Lending on your own terms

Optimize your lending strategies and asset management with ease. Select collateral types, set loan-to-value (LTV) ratios, and choose currencies based on your risk management.

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Borrowing made simple

Easily connect your wallet, view available loans for your assets, and choose a currency, loan duration, and interest rate that best suits you.

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Build with Magnify.Cash

Help us craft the future of credit markets: develop auto-compounding vaults, integrate top-tier liquidity aggregators, establish a decentralized marketplace for Magnify Cash credit swaps, and beyond.

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Our friendly support team is here for you! Reach out anytime for a helping hand. Send us an email or join our Discord and open a support ticket!

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Lend any ERC-20 against any NFT/RWA—on your own terms.

The Magnify Foundation

a non-profit organization on a mission to drive innovation around Decentralized Credit Markets (DCMs) and the DeFi industry as a whole.
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Still have some questions?

Take a look at the answers to these frequently asked questions!
What does it mean to be non-custodial?

Magnify Cash is a non-custodial platform, which means that your assets are never in possession of us nor any third-party plaform. You always have control of your assets through your lending desk, which you own onchain.

What is a lending desk?

The first step to loaning your assets is creating a lending desk. This is where you create, fund and manage your loans. You can have unlimited lending desks, each offering your favorite asset pairs and parameters.

What is a permissionless platform?

You don't have to wait for your assets to be listed on our platform. Lend and borrow by simply connecting your wallet to the dApp.

How can I get more involved with Magnify Cash?

If you're already using the platform and looking to build or integrate something with our platform, reach out and let us know! Also be sure to check out The Magnify Foundation!

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Need support or a have another inquiry? Our friendly support team is here for you! Open a support ticket in our Discord or get in touch via email.