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A closer look at the features that make Magnify Cash special

magnify your assets

Lending on your own terms

Establish your own lending desk and allocate your capital. Decide on the assets, set the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio, choose durations, and determine interest rates. Craft your strategy and watch as the loans flow in.

All loans are onchain. As a lender, you receive a promissory note covering collateral, principal, and interest. To exit a loan early, simply sell your note to another lender and effortlessly close your position.

Should a lending desk fall short of expectations, easily refine your loan parameters for subsequent loans to be "in the money." Seeking a risk-off stance? Just hit "Freeze" on the desk to cease new loan issuances.

Your capital is never compromised in shared pools. It stays segregated within your individual lending desks, preventing any overlap. This method ensures that your capital is used precisely as intended.

Unlock liquidity

Borrowing made simple

With a wide range of currency choices, loan durations, and amounts, you're never short of options. Breathe easy; you're in control.

Lenders can extend loans in any currency, not just ETH or USDC, so if you're seeking options beyond the usual, Magnify Cash is the place for you.

With our automated system, waiting for peer approval is a thing of the past. Need funds immediately? Choose the loan that fits you best, and it'll be in your wallet in no time.

Borrow the way you know best. Just like a car loan, there are no unexpected liquidations, only a clear due date. Pay back by then, and your collateral is yours to reclaim.

innovate together

Build with Magnify Cash

Enthusiastic about the evolution of decentralized credit markets? Intrigued by tokenized assets? If you're already navigating the onchain lending space and considering integrating with Magnify Cash for enhanced liquidity, or even if you have a novel idea we haven't explored yet – delve deeper.

Lend any ERC-20 against any NFT/RWA—on your own terms.

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